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                  What We do

                  Based on a recognized top 5 plastic film comprehensive enterprise in China, our business unit support our customers many services from production to delivery.

                  Main products:
                  greenhouse film, mulch film, gardening film, construction film, packing bag, drop sheet, household use film, warning tape, irrigation tape etc., many size, functions we can do, annual output is over 30000 tons, We look forward to being of service.
                  • Packing and shipping
                    We provide packing, sea, air, inland transportation, booking space, customs clearance, insurance, the one-stop customize services as LOGO and shipping mark printing, any size of packing bags and cartons, many type packing and modes of delivery as you request, everywhere in the world.

                  • quality detection
                    Supporting about quality and safety during the production and delivery. Sound quality management center - Product R&D Center and Product Test Center, safety tests include all coming material test, manufacturing process test and the production test. Own logistic system and over ten transporting partners which were selected from hundreds of logistic enterprises, ensures products to be punctually and safely delivered to the clients.
                  technical service
                  Service for technical issues’ related to production and formulation. Our products were developed by a number of patent certification and our factory participate to set up the national quality standards. We accept customized order, your satisfaction is our biggest affirmation.