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                  • Trash Bag On Rolls
                  • Trash Bag On Rolls

                  Trash Bag On Rolls

                  • Plastic Molding Type : Blow Molding
                  • Material : PE
                  • Type : Plastic bag
                  • OEM : Accept
                  • Usage : Packing

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                  Main application
                  Excellent brightness and transparency
                  Easy to open
                  Can perfectly meet your requirement by excellent printing
                  HDPE perfect leakage-resistance,good barrier
                  High temperature anti-boiling

                      Packing of food,industrial products,retail products,trash can liners,drum liners,box liners,carton liners,garbage bags,covers,shopping bag in supermarket,garment bag.

                  Common Size:

                  Star sealed bag,no paper core ,without printing Capacity Color packing
                  24”*24”*6micron 10gallon Natural color 50pcs/roll,1000/cs
                  24”*33”*8micron 12-16gallon Natural color 50pcs/roll,1000/cs
                  24”*33”*12micron 12-16gallon Yellow color 50pcs/roll,1000/cs
                  33”*40”*17micron 33gallon Nature color 25pcs/roll,250/cs
                  40”*46”*19micron 45gallon Blue color 25pcs/roll,250/cs
                  36”*60”*21micron 55gallon Nature color 20pcs/roll,200/cs

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