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                  • Panda Film
                  • Panda Film

                  Panda Film

                  • Plastic Molding Type : Blow Molding
                  • Material : PE
                  • Type : Agricultural film
                  • OEM : Accept
                  • Usage : Covering

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                  Main application
                  To raise soil temperature in the planting bed, aster crop cultivation and earlier harvesting is made available. Improves water and nutrient applications,to reduce moisture loss; minimized irrigation frequency;reduced fertilizer leaching,optimize the use of fertilizers and quantities necessary Reduced Soil compaction: Soil under plastic mulch remains loose and well-aerated, Roots have access to adequate oxygen thus elevating the microbial activity. The add of additives can attain specious effects of protecting crop’ growing environment, Creates a cleaner area around the plant and its fruits.

                  With UV for 6-8 months life
                  MLLDPE enhancing film

                  Common Size:

                  Width Length Thickness G.Weight Color
                  75cm 200m 0.05mm 2.8kg/roll black and white / transparent
                  120cm 1950m 0.07mm 65kg/roll black and white/silver black/black/transparent
                  140cm 20m 0.10mm 1.3kg/roll black and white/silver black/black/transparent

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